We have four wonderful goats; Beatrix, Nona, Sharon and Randy. They have been instrumental in helping to get our land cleared and providing a consistent increase in joy around the farm. We have learned so much about caring for goats over the past few years while getting to know these guys and gals and can't imagine the place without them around. We would love to expand our small herd soon and eventually get into the dairy business.


We started out with four ducks, three Muscovy ladies and one Mallard named Mabel. Sadly we lost one of our ladies earlier this year but we still have Janet and Bernadette quacking around the garden behind Mabel. Beyond laying delicious, generously sized eggs these dears also help to keep our garden pests at bay. Mabel also alerts the ladies, as well as us, when predators get close to the garden. We would love to expand our duck population as well and work toward selling eggs.


 Uma                                 Cherlene                          Biggs                               Moscow